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Elena, known as Helen. Born in Spain, she grew up between Spain and London, where she studied Fashion & marketing Design at the Central Saint Martins University. After her time in England, and having worked for luxury brands such as YSL, Prada and Louis Vuitton, Helen moved to NY, where she had the honor of working with Lynn Dell, a renowned octogenarian from the Big Apple, who guided her to begin her brand from 0. LENIFRO emerged in 2020 back in her native Spain, after her time on a Spanish fashion talent TV show and after 20 years at the fashion industry.
From the need to create a brand focused on diversity and inclusivity, full of color and expression through its prints, ( the ones she creates too ), volumes and shapes, always with a retro touch and a message behind each piece, using recycled polyester from plastic bottles as main material.
With more than 40 points of sale between Spain and Portugal since then, apart from its B2C sales on the web with worldwide shipping.


A retro catwalk sets the stage for the Spanish brand LENIFRO, recreating an 80s dreamlike atmosphere. A hip hop beat starts playing, transmitting the vibe that Helen ( the designer of the brand ) has been inspired by to create this collection, as music always been the biggest inspiration to every creative process she does. Sillky Slim, a musician and very good friend of Helen's from back in the days when she was living and studying in London raps about her background through her years in fashion as the show starts with the new collection.
‘RETRO DREAMER’ emerges from her love and inspiration by Dream (her son) and the 80’s era. The porfa collection, created with polyester from recycled plastic bottles, takes the stage, divided into 5 blocks, transmitting through the prints, 5 inspirational elements from Helen’s youth. Chains and tacks, combined with vibrant yellow color, are the perfect match to start the runway. With accessories matching all the collection prints and faux leather in some of the pieces. As a dedicated lover of 80’s fashion, the XL shoulder pads and volumes are evident in every piece this season, offering a fresh, fun, and colorful collection with a retro touch.
The empowerment part comes when the ‘Panther’ garments take to the runway. With a purple and wild print, these pieces are full of energy and power, representing strength. Featured for the finale is an iconic pink suit, with big shoulders and baggy fit.’ As you can see the 80s silhouette and the word NOW, transmitting the message:‘Now that I’m here, let’s keep dreaming’

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